So, here you are and you are wondering what in the world “swaddling a baby” is really all about? Well, here’s your answer!

What exactly is Swaddling a baby?

Swaddling a baby is when you snugly wrap your baby in a blanket so that he or she feels warm and secure. Note that swaddling is different to baby carrying (which you can learn more about in our best baby carrier post. It can keep your baby from being disturbed by its own startle reflex. It can even help to calm your baby.

Another thing that swaddling your baby helps with is that when your baby is born his or her internal thermostat does not function properly. So swaddling him or her can keep the temperature manageable for your baby, so your baby does not get to cold.

How long do you swaddle a baby?

How long that you swaddle your baby, is a daunting question to answer. As it all depends on your baby, most babies like to be swaddled before they go to sleep as it will help the baby to sleep better and longer! Some people like to swaddle their babies all the time, while others prefer just to do it before sleepy time. So, how long you swaddle your baby depends on you.

Benefits of Swaddling a baby

Benefits of swaddling your baby include that he or she will feel safer (like they are still in the womb). They feel warm. Also, many people report that the baby will sleep longer and better when he or she gets swaddled.

If you hold your baby during the daytime (while he or she is swaddled) then this can lead to your baby being both comfortable. Hence, it gives you baby-parent time.

When to stop Swaddling a baby?

Once your baby is a month old, it is recommended that you quit swaddling him or her in the daytime (as it can interfere with mobility and development). It is perfectly fine to still swaddle your baby for naps and bedtime if he or she prefers it.

It is recommended that you completely quit swaddling your baby at two months old (about the time he or she will want to roll over and be more mobile).

How long Should I swaddle my baby?

Well, like mentioned before, it all depends on your preferences. Some babies like to be swaddled all the time (as it gives them the feeling of still being in the womb), while others are fussy and would only like it before sleepy time.

Your baby might throw a temper when you first start swaddling him, but it is probably because he is just being fussy like a baby does (and has nothing to do with the fact that he or she does not like swaddling).

How do you swaddle a baby?

Your next question that you probably want to ask, is how in the world do I swaddle a baby? The answer to that is that you start with laying a blanket on a flat surface and then fold down the top corner to form a straight edge.

Then, place your baby on his or her back on the blanket. Top of baby’s shoulder should be proportionate to the top of the fabric.

After that, you want to bring your baby’s left arm down and cover up that arm with the blanket on that side (and then tuck it under his or her back on the opposite side).

Next, bring the right arm down and cover up that arm with the blanket on that side (and tuck it under his or her back on the opposite side).

Finally, twist or fold the end of the blanket and tuck it loosely behind his or her back. Make sure the baby is comfortable and does not look oddly bent at the legs.

If you are having trouble understanding what to do, you don’t have to worry. Swaddling a baby is indeed difficult to explain in words. Feel free to watch videos on the web.

Why do you swaddle a baby?

As related to the benefits mentioned before, the answer is very obvious! It makes the baby happy!

Should you swaddle your baby at night?

It is perfectly fine to swaddle your baby at night until he or she reaches two months old. It can help them to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and let them feel safer in the process.

Have fun swaddling your baby!

Photo by Regal+Lager