From the tiny toes to the genuine smile, babies have a sensitive skin that makes them very prone to pimples, rash, and bumps. Parents are very concerned with their little one’s skin.

Baby rash on the back can be caused by several factors such as heat, normal hormonal changes or immature pores, inflammation or an infection. These rashes can be very disturbing to the parent and the baby.

As the baby continues to grow, he or she is likely to experience different kinds of rash. Some kind of rashes is in the form of baby red spots on the skin. It is, therefore, crucial to understanding effective ways to avoid it. Below are helpful tips to avoid this kind of rash;

No use of harsh detergents

The harsher the detergent on the baby’s skin the more it tends to cause irritation. This is important since the clothes are in contact with the baby’s skin. The little one’s skin needs mild skin care products. You should use gentle detergents meant for babies. This can cause a baby rash all over the body.

No use of strong soap

While bathing the little one it is important to understand the right soaps to use. They should be gentle enough for the sensitive skin. Most times the standard soap tends to be too strong for the baby. The water should be warm. A clean skin minimizes the chances of rashes.

No to overdress the baby

It is important to note especially in the hot weather that baby may experience this kind of rash due to excessive heat. This, however, is not something to worry about. It can be taken care of by dressing the baby appropriately. This will help to avoid baby heat rash on back.

No use of the contaminated stuff

Back rashes can be a symptom of a disease known as Roseola disease. This is a mild kind of illness affecting kids from 6 months to 2 years of age. It starts with a baby rash on the back of the neck. Then a cold followed by fever for some days and then the fever ends.

This is caused by baby using contaminated stuff such as play toys which lead to the spread of colds. The baby’s cot should be very clean.

No use of unknown medications

It is important to avoid to some kind of medications which have some strong implications on the metabolism of the baby. Before administering any medication to the baby it is important to seek medical advice from qualified personnel. Since there are several components found in some medicines that cause this kind of rash.


Another common kind of rash is the baby rash on back teething and baby rash on the back of the leg. There are times rashes in children when to worry. This is the Purpura, which is caused by vessels under the skin that have ruptured.


It is, however, important to point out that though most of the time baby rash on the back is something common among babies if it gets to be spreading or very pronounced it is important to see a pediatrician.