It’s a boy! Now, what?

Baby’s new space is the first thought in your head in specific I’m telling about baby boy bedding. This is your nesting instinct taking over. As a child-bearing mammal, you have a natural desire to build the most beautiful “nest” for your offspring, to keep him safe and warm until he flies away into toddler-hood.

Planning Baby Boy’s room or crib is like a clear sky full of possibilities. There’s no need to act hastily and make these mistakes…they could cause you both unwanted tears:

Finding Inspiration In a Color

Choose perfect wall color for Baby Boy Bed room

Your baby is going to feed off the mood and spirit of the people around him. Make sure that when you enter his room, you feel warm and tingly all over. Don’t default to Choo Choo Train Blue – just because it’s a boy.

Find inspiration in more meaningful things like an object from your childhood or from your own parents. Better yet, use something from Baby’s older sister as the basis of your scheme- all decorating elements, including color, will then fall into place. All sibling rivalry will be thrown out the window. Find real life inspiration.

Forgetting Baby’s Perspective

ceiling decoration for baby boy bedding

Imagine you are Baby lying in his crib. Now look up at the ceiling above your head. Seriously, did someone forget to decorate the ceiling?

He can see beyond the mobile and he moves around the crib from day one. (Somehow he moves but we don’t know how!) Create a simple pattern, for baby to gaze at, or some smiling faces to keep him company. He will watch before sleeping.

Reinventing The Wheel

think and get ideas

When my baby was on its way I did internet “research” and thought I knew everything. That was such a mistake!! I ended up with one expensive playpen which we used as a hamper- now a great hand me down.

Give friends and family a chance to give you ONE piece of advice. Ask them the one thing they wish they had known or the most important thing they would tell a new mom. Be sure to tell someone when you use their advice too.

Assuming Manufacturers Will Ensure Safety

ensure safety for your baby boy

Your baby’s safety is in your hands. Remember, in the U.S. manufacturers still sell baby walkers even though they are extremely dangerous. Do your own research. Every few years the big safety debate changes based on analyzed data. Use this information to reduce your baby’s risks.

Recently, Baby bumpers have been under scrutiny. Therefore, manufacturers have gone high tech with breathable bumpers.

The choices are up to you, but when you are researching your baby gear, use keywords like “safety standards” and “safety recommendations”. For Baby’s crib consider snugness, spacing, toxicity, and risk of suffocation.

Decorating His Room Instead Of Organizing It

room decoration

Don’t picture how the room will look, picture how it will function. The crib and all baby’s things need to be arranged in a functional way, which puts everything you need within reach.

Once the baby boy bedding is coordinated, no matter where you put it, it will work. Place items not too far apart and not so close that baby can reach and pull down.

Think of function and safety before aesthetics. Think of your aching back, if you have to bend too low every time you change Baby’s diaper.

Thinking It’s Baby’s Room Only


Make Baby’s room enjoyable and comfortable for everyone. Think of his crib as a hangout area and make sure he can see and hear from his crib too. Choose appropriate mattress for his crib.

Have a little chair and desk for his older brother. Place furniture so everyone can be in there at the same time. He would like his room a lot more if he doesn’t feel separated from the regular activity. Dad can fold laundry on a daybed for example.

You Need Few Fabulous Bed Sheets For Perfect Baby Boy Bedding

required bed sheets

You need more than one. You also need a few sheets and a couple snug plastic mattress covers for under the sheets in your baby boy bedding. Some days are rather messy, and the mess can spread around.

Read our buying guide and product reviews on crib sheets:

You may not have time to wash and dry immediately. Sometimes you also want to change up the look too. Keep Baby boy’s room lively.

Welcome to your room Baby Boy!!