If you take a look at some of the more traditional cultures around the world, carrying babies in slings or some sort of baby carrier has been prevalent for many decades, and historically the use of these so-called baby carriers allowed women (specifically) to work in the fields whilst still carrying the baby around and also soothing or baby swaddling their babies to sleep. The use of baby carriers has now become commonplace in most countries around the world, but due to differences in Western women’s body shape, a number of women are now suffering from back pains and poor posture when wearing particular baby carriers, and we’ve had a number of requests to review the best baby carriers for back support.

Even if you do suffer from back issues, there are countless benefits to using a baby carrier and it’s really important to ensure you get the correct one that provides the right level of back support and does not add to any back or hip issues that you may be experiencing:

  • Babies cry less when in the baby carrier

When a baby is in a sling, he or she can feel mum’s breathing and heartbeat, and research shows that the more babies are held, the less they cry. Where babies are carried instead of pushed in prams, they usually cry for only a few minutes a day.

  • Keep your hands free

Being a parent usually means little sleep and tired bodies, so mums and dads naturally appreciate any extra help they can get. A baby carrier can certainly help keep your hands free while keeping a close tie between you and your little one. Hands come in handy for things like grabbing baby wipes, reaching for bottles, packing your shopping bags, or just generally being able to function like a normal human being.

There is no doubt that using a baby carrier will enable parents to continue their day to day tasks without being too far from their baby, but choosing the right baby carrier with the benefits of back support is imperative if you already suffer from back issues or back spasms. In fact, the difference between a good baby carrier with effective back support and a truly bad baby carrier can make all the difference to how you experience the daily joys of carrying your baby around. You also don’t want a baby carrier that is difficult to use and is not considered value for money either. So we have reviewed a number of the top baby carriers on the market to find the best baby carrier for back support.

Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby carrier

Best baby carrier for back support

There is no doubt that the Ergobaby Omni 360 baby carrier has been designed with ease of use and comfort in mind, as it truly is the all-in-one baby carrier for everyone. An extremely versatile baby carrier that offers all carry positions and can easily adjust from newborn to toddler with ease. All manner of carry positions are catered for including wearing on the hip or back, face baby in or out making this baby carrier the only carrier you will ever need.
What makes the Ergobaby OMNI 360 baby carrier a stand-out baby carrier for back support is its ergonomic design and comfort as it really provides the user with multiple options to wear the baby carrier. You can wear it in the form of a backpack, or crossed, but whichever way you wear it, it offers exceptional lower back comfort with its padded lumbar support and waist belt. The extra cushioned shoulder straps can be worn crossable for a snugger fit and are easily adjustable (adjusts 73 cm to 124 cm).
Even the Hip Dysplasia Institute has given this baby carrier its seal of approval and has acknowledged it as “hip healthy”.

  • No need for an infant insert as the Omni is ready to go as is from 7lbs and up!
  • Padded lumbar support making it super comfortable to wear even for long periods
  • Is in the higher budget range for baby carriers