You will easily agree that the arrival of a newborn is one of the happiest times for a couple. Everything has to be perfect to make your bundle of joy’s life as comfortable as possible.

A happy child is a happy home.

Therefore, make sure your child is happy even when going to sleep and you can finally get a rest. To that effect, a little creativity in choosing a bed goes a long way. The pirate toddler bed is one product that makes sleeping time fun for kids – it may even be considered one of the best toddler beds. Let your child play himself to sleep without even lifting a finger. Sleeping time has never been this adventurous with this bed.

Who can use this?

If your child is between 12 months and six years, then it is important they have a bed of their own. The transition from to sleeping on their bed can be difficult for the toddlers. However, you can make it as comfortable as possible with the right kind of bed. This bed from Little Tikes is appropriate for toddlers and children up to the age of six years.

Pirate Ship Toddler Bed


Easy to Assemble 

Don’t be fooled by the complicated appearance of the bed. It is quite easy to assemble. The little tikes pirate ship bed instructions are straight forward that you don’t need further help from anybody to build. The same applies for pirate ship twin bed for those blessed with twins.

Durable and Safe

One of the standout features of the bed is its durability. The construction is rigid, and there are no loose parts that will make you run to the stores to purchase a new bed. Therefore, your kid will use the bed for a long time. It does not matter how many times that the child keeps rocking or hitting the bed. It has sturdy construction akin to the pirate ship bunk bed.

The bed is safe for the children. It is made of plastic and does not have any sharp edges. In fact, it does not matter how many times that the kids jump on it. It will not break and injure the child.

Low to the ground

It is important that toddler’s bed is low to avert the risks of falling off. As a result, you as a parent will sleep easy knowing that your child will not get hurt from accidental falls. It also has some of the best toddler bed rails for additional safety. Little Tikes had children on their mind when building this bed.

Build-in night lights

Nothing makes the bed seem like a real ship than the lights. Your children will enjoy it to the maximum. Furthermore, these lights help you when you need to check on the baby during the night.

Pirate ship toddler bed kaman


The bed has a built-in bookshelf where the child can get his learning book. Have a drawing book, and the kid will have more things to do to make his experience fulfilling.

Built in Toy box

The bed has a built-in toy box for the benefit of the child. He has all he needs in one place to keep occupied. All a child needs is toys to play. Provide them, and you only need to dress and feed him.


The children love turning the lights on and off. This means that you will need to keep buying new batteries in order to keep the child happy and that may prove expensive in the long run.

The cover of the storage unit under the wheel is a kind of design flaw for the bed. Some reviewers contend that their children have fallen back while playing with the wheel.

Pirate ship toddler bed all


One product specially made for the toddlers is the Pirate toddler bed. It has all the features that a child below the age of six years will find interesting – to the extent that he may even consider nighttime potty training.

Furthermore, it is durable that you will not need to keep running to stores to purchase new bed because your child broke it. It is safe and easy to assemble.

That is not all. The bed has unique features that make it enjoyable for the children. In other words, the built-in toy shelf provides extra toy storage to keep the kids occupied and happy. A bookshelf will hold fun books for the children that add to the excitement.

Pirate Ship Toddler Bed Review
Pirate Ship Toddler Bed

Product Name: Pirate Ship Toddler Bed

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You can get the pirate ship bed Costco and make your child’s transition sleeping alone bearable. The bed has all the features necessary to make your child sleep time comfortable and easy to take. The bed comes with easy to follow instructions meaning that it will take minimal time from purchase to usage. It is one durable bed with a solid construction. The bed is worth every cent that you give for it.