Tips for night time potty training

10 Tips for Night Time Potty Training

As any parent would tell you, night time potty training is a different ball game from the daytime potty training. Some parents, especially the first time parents tend to assume that they can extend the daytime potty training to the night time. However, this ends up backfiring right in their faces. When potty training your kids during the day, they are fully aware of what they are doing, and so it is easy for them to sense their body signals. Night time is entirely different. They need to arouse themselves from their deep sleep and get to the toilet in time. The following tips will help you in your night time potty training.

1.      Make sure the timing is right

Make sure the timing is right

Getting up during the night and going to the toilet in time is a kind of psychological torture for the kids. They need to be ready. Don’t assume you can do potty training at night for two year old kids at the same time with daytime potty training. It is psychologically challenging, and experts recommend you delay it until the kid is ready. A good idea is also to ensure that kids are comfortable and are sleeping in the best toddler bed available for their age.

The majority of the children are ready for the daytime training. Night time comes much later. Research shows that among the babies below three years, 66% percent are quite ready for potty training. The number goes slightly to 75% among those under four years. This means that it is perfectly okay to put diapers on them when going to sleep even though they are daytime potty training.

2.      Extra Pajamas and Sheets

Extra Pajamas and Sheets

Children can really get worked up when they sense failure or when they feel they have disappointed you. Make it easier for them by having an extra pair of pajamas and sheets in case an accident happens before they can get to the bathroom. Reassure them by telling them that accidents do happen and next time they will do better. This helps them regain the confidence to go through the training.

3.      Wake them up at the same time

Wake them up at the same time

If you do not go to bed early enough, wake them up before you do and take them to the bathroom. Make it a point to do it at the same time every day. Set the alarm at the time you want the kid to be getting up and stick to it. This process will help the habit stick, and you will no longer have to wake them up yourself. Do it with love and patience, and the child will gain the self-confidence to learn fully.

4.      Make it easy for them

Make it easy for them

Make sure that the potty is right nearby when the child gets up at night. The kid should not have to stroll around looking for the potty everywhere. An accident may happen, and that may agitate them. Place the potty close to the bed and make sure it is at the same place every day. Remove all toys and objects out of the way. Stepping or bumping into anything may cause an injury.

5.      Control what they take before they sleep

Control what they take before they sleep

If you have decided to start potty training, start limiting the number of fluids that the children take a few hours before bedtime. The fewer beverages they take in the evening, the easier it will be to potty-train them.

6.      Make them have bathroom breaks before sleeping

Make them have bathroom breaks before sleeping

Before your child can retire for bed, make sure you take them to the bathroom. If they are not ready, read a bedtime story or chat them up for some time and try again. This routine helps them go to bed with a dry bladder and hopefully, they may not need the potty at the dead of night. The primary objective here is to make sure they get used to having everything dry. They are sure to get motivated to keep it that way.

7.      Change to regular clothing

Change to regular clothing

After you have put everything in place such as making the potty accessible and taking them to the bathroom before the sleep, raise the stakes. Change them to regular clothing and they will soon realize how uncomfortable it is to sleep in a damp place. They will surprise with how motivated they will be to keep dry through the night.

8.      Try lifting if they are too young

Try lifting if they are too young

The night time potty training for 3.5 years old and younger can start with picking them up from the bed and taking them to the potty. Repeat the process every night at the same time, and the will soon oblige. This tactic is also for night time potty training for heavy sleepers. This training does not require the children to be fully awake. However, when they get used to peeing at this time, you can wake them up to start involving them in the process.

9.      Be understanding

Be understanding

It can be frustrating for parents who have to change the sheets at the middle night. Exercise restraint and understand they are not doing it on purpose. The night time potty training for five years old or any other age is not easy for the children also. Be a little bit more patient, and everything will go as it should.

10. Let them do it by themselves

Let them do it by themselves

Children feel empowered and are happier when their parents trust them to do things by themselves. If you have successfully started potty training them, give them a bit of freedom to guide the process. You can start by just waking them and letting them find their way to the bathroom. Leave a soft light on so that they will not have their sleep interrupted.

Final Word

Your child is growing up and one way or another, you will have to potty train them. It’s part of being a parent. However, the process can be successful if you follow the provided tips. It does not matter whether it is night time toilet training for six years old or any other age. You need to be patient, understanding and loving. Don’t be too quick to remove the sheet protectors as accidents can still happen.

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