Making your baby’s bed is quite easy for you. But hey people, take a pause and watch out how different it’s going to be that you are thinking! You might ask why? The major difference is how you are setting up your baby’s bed.

Bed’s that you are configuring, does not require many sets of pillows, top sheets, etc. It just needs best crib sheets for providing an excellent level of comfort to your baby. So, it’s your duty to get best cribs for babies as adding sheets other than cribs, might raise the risk of suffocation.

American Baby Company
28” X 52”
Our rating:
4.1 Star Rating
Magnolia Organics
28” X 52”
Our rating:
4.2 Star Rating
Organic Jersey Cotton
Our rating:
4.5 Star Rating

Best crib sheets

Many smart sets of crib sheet are increased in markets. Fortunately, choosing from these sheets will help your baby be on a smooth surface. Some crib sheets like American Baby Company Heavenly Soft Chenille Fitted Crib Sheet, Velour Plush Crib Fitted Sheet, Magnolia Organics, etc.

Before you decide which crib sheet you are going to buy, you just need to have an overview through the best crib sheets product. As you know, the internet is the best place to search your answers. So while purchasing to get 100% surety, just visit the internet and have a look at their reviews.

American Baby Company

American Baby Company Heavenly Soft Chenille Fitted Crib Sheet

People who used this crib sheet viewed them as one of most smoothen cotton sheets of bed designed for the extra comfort of the baby. In fact, this sheet retains the longest


  • 100% manufacturing from velvet Polyester This American Baby Company is the finest sheets to be used.
  • Measurement is perfect for babies comfort with 28” X 52”.
  • The thickness of 6 inches helps this sheet to fit in wherever you wish and be the best crib sheets.
  • The smoothness of sheet is for an easy fitting of elastic all around the mattress.


  • Being extra costly is pathetic to purchase for some people.
  • Sometimes the color of crib sheets may not suit your choice or as you view.

Magnolia Organics

Magnolia Organics Fitted Crib Sheet

Buyers, felt these Organics fabricated sheets to be beautiful and standardize one for babies. Thus it is going to prevent your children from any reactions and risks.


  • Most eco-friendly manufactured crib sheets and is certified by GOTS.
  • Purely cotton fabric crib sheets found for your baby’s relaxation.
  • Measurement lies as 28” X 52” X 9”.
  • This sheet is perfectly interlocked from sides for better lasting of mattresses.
  • Packaging is done within a reusable organic baggage.


  • Sometimes the smell may turn up to be like plastic.
  • Often it may be seen that Magnolia Organic sheets may get shrunk if washed.
  • It may disturb while fitting some beds whose measurements are not perfect.

Organic Jersey Cotton Fitted Crib Sheets - 100% Organic Jersey Cotton If you are willing to serve your baby with the comfort of organic cotton, then you cannot stop from buying this. Certainly, extensive reviews are going to show you how smooth and breathable these sheets are for your babies. Pros:

  • 100% cotton-oriented product for great comfort level for your baby.
  • Thus it allows easy breathing for your baby which probably is a matter of concern.
  • Being Jersey cotton, this mattress sheet provides extra softness which is required for your baby.
  • This is a non-Toxic material. Thus it is fit for your babies to use and relax freely.


  • The quality of cotton may be different than others. Probably because of Organic cotton it happens at times. Thus buyers who are unaware may negatively view this.

Types of crib sheets:

Many crib sheets have been designed for your baby’s relaxing purpose. Thus choosing from among them is tough. This requires the parents to be aware of how many types of the crib sheets are found in markets.

In all total three types of crib sheets are there for customers to choose from. Now before you are visiting next to the market, have a look at what makes these crib sheets reliable for your baby.

1. Cotton Crib Sheets

In the race of standard product, you may choose this cotton crib sheets. If unfortunately, your baby is moving off with some allergic conditions then this Cotton Crib Sheets is going to act anti-allergic supporter.


  • Extra softness with the breathable surface is provided that keeps your baby in luxury.
  • Cotton got from nature is genuinely free from chemicals.
  • Durable enough for easy cleaning purpose.
  • In fact, availability is frequent for you to find them at any place.


  • Though the manufacturing is of cotton, so wrinkles are seen to occur frequently on crib sheets.
  • As you know, natural cotton gives a rugged feeling at the first usage. So it slowly smoothens up after regular usage.

2. Polyester Crib Sheets

Today usage of Polyester material is also at prior. Synthetic material and polyester crib sheets are cheaper than other. In fact, Polyester Crib sheets are safe for you to use.


  • The main advantage of this Polyester Crib sheet lies in crib sheets being eco-friendly.
  • A low-cost crib sheet for your child is much reliable to purchase. This will make it suitable for you to choose whenever your previous sheets get worn out.
  • Other than cotton sheets, Polyester based crib sheets may be preventive against wrinkles. Thus you need not have to iron them all time.
  • A wrinkle free surface makes these polyester crib sheets to lasts longer.


  • It may disturb your child from having a comfort breathing which cotton fabrics can provide. Having a breathing issue is the worst point for any crib sheet.
  • If you are aware of exact Polyester material then identifying them is going to be easier for you. Otherwise Polyester varies from one manufacture to other manufacturers.
  • Trying this Polyester material in high-temperature days may not be suitable for your babies.

3. Flannel

Other than the above-mentioned materials, you might not be aware of Flannel. Now it’s time to make you realize, that if you are finding a warm product for your baby, then it ends at Flannel. Thus, one of the comfortable warming sheets those serve warmth to your baby.


  • It has Being a mixture of cotton, wool, and synthetic this Flannel gives extra warm.
  • It is very suitable for winters.
  • Carrying this Flannel fitted crib sheets is easy because of its lightweight.
  • Softness level is high.
  • Durability is longer.


  • A mixture of materials may let Flannel shrink after a wash.
  • Though it suits the coldest weather, thus during warm seasons, your baby may feel uncomfortable.

What should you consider when buying baby crib sheets?

  • Try looking for thread counts: This topic refers to how many counts do fabric If the count gets higher than your fabric is definitely going to rely for a longer period on.
  • Types of sheets that you need: It is necessary for you to look for best crib sheets that suitably fit in. Thus the reason behind this is ensuring the safety of your baby. Sometimes loose sheets may cause hazards.
  • If there is a need for bedding set or not: Sometimes you may see sheets of crib coming with bedding sets. At times it may be a question for you should you buy or not? Buying them may bring in worst quality materials for you. So better choose for single best crib sheets.
  • Weather appropriate or not: Season may not come as per your wish. So parents should always be prior to their choice and not the budget. Make a selection of the crib sheets as per your requirement, keeping the weather and time in mind.

Crib Sheets FAQ

What is a crib sheet?

The first and foremost question striking parents head is what exactly these crib sheets is? When it comes to baby’s safety, parents get more aware. Thus a crib sheet is a type of smaller mattress designed for your baby’s bed.

How many Crib sheets do you need?

Ideally, this question might seem terrible to you. But after you get aware of the three sets of sheets, you may find the reliable one. If at times you wash one, then  you can make use of others.

How to make your own crib sheet?

Finding the best crib sheets for your baby is easier. For this, you may look at the wide network Internet. The Internet would guide you with all features and reviews of how beneficial that sheet is going to be for your baby.

But always moving on with an internet based crib sheets may be difficult for parents if they are out of nearby stores. During such condition, the perfect reliable method is to make your own hand based best crib sheets for your baby.

As the internet has been a helping hand for you to buy from. Similarly, it has also been effective to guide parents who wish to make their personal self-designed sheets. Various video tutorials are regularly updating on Internet-based websites, especially YouTube.

It will be very exciting if you are a crafty person and prefer making decorative items at homes. The online purchase may not provide parents, especially mothers with their taste of designing. Below has been the process with a link for you to learn to make your own crib sheets.

One can opt for three categories of making crib sheets. These may be Gorgeous, simple DIY and adjustable form of crib sheets.

  • Before you start making you require 2 yards of fabric that you want your crib sheets should be in.
  • You need Elastic around 2 yards and ¼”.
  • Get a matching thread for sheets preparation.
  • For easy cutting off edges get a marker.
  • Safety pins, rulers, for a basic need.

Firstly wash your fabric, and then you start. Washing is essential as you will use this crib sheet for your baby, so they need to be clean all the time.

Cut out a layout of fabric that fits in your bedding surface easily all about of 69 inches of length. Keep the width of mattress n between44 to 45 inches. For this keep your measurement precisely accurate.

For a perfect fabric keep the corners of your mattress square in shape. Thus, for this reason, you can even make use of organic crib sheets or carters crib sheets. Make a mark of the size you need. Later cut the sheet with scissors.

After this stage, start sewing your fabric. While sewing makes French seam corners. This stage is vital if any wrong sewing is done it may disturb the entire creation of your mattress.  After this make crib sheets pattern upon your stitched mattress and thus get your mattress ready.

If certainly, this doesn’t suit your idea or you aren’t clear precisely then follow the tutorial guidance through this video.

Wrapping up

Views are clear that category of crib sheet is suitable for their own condition. But choosing the best crib sheets depends on upon parents and the time when they are visiting a shop for purchase. But if someone asks you “which one should I buy?”

Don’t forget to read our buying guide and product reviews on baby cribs and crib mattress:


At this point, answers may vary as per parent’s choice. But for a suitable purchase, the cotton fabricated crib sheet is the best for baby. Suitably their smoothness, softness, comforts level all features are an adding benefit for parents to make a purchase. Though cotton gets wrinkles but yet organic cotton is more worthy to use.