trunki suitcase review

Trunki Suitcase Review

Babies love to have the Trunki suitcase with them even when they are not traveling. Little ones can ride around safely and while in a long queue, can just sit on it to give the little legs some rest. These Trunki suitcases are available in various sizes and colors and are exclusively designed for multipurpose use for toddlers.

Trunki Trixie suitcase

The pink color Trunki Trixie suitcase allows your baby to ride on it while whisking around either at the airport lounge or the railway station. This suitcase, stuffed with luggage, can be pulled along. The hand-sized easy to handle luggage box can carry up to 18 liters. It has secret compartments with teddy bear seat belts. 
Trunki Terrance Ride on Suitcase


The blue Trunki Terrance Ride on Suitcase is an ideal one for babies between 3 to 6 years. Your child would love to race around on it and also rest on it when tired. You can easily tow your tired tot on this Trunki suitcase and can carry around with ease. 

Trunki Harley the Ride on Suitcase


Then there is the Trunki Harley the Lady Bug Ride on Suitcase is a lightweight handy, and durable hand luggage has a shoulder strap and two handles which allow children to pack their luggage and ride around or being towed. 

The Trunki Gruffalo Ride-On Suitcase has the Gruffalo sticker pack to give your baby a personal touch. Children can ride along and when tired sit on it with total comfort. Parents can tow this suitcase along with their child with ease.

Freddie The Fire Engine is a unique model of the Trunki suitcase. All airlines approved this as hand baggage because of the easy to handle shoulder strap. Furthermore, ID label is attached to the shoulder strap, and this Trunki suitcase has two secret compartments with a teddy bear seat belt.

The Trunki suitcases have become all-time favorites for children as well as parents because of their design depicting individual characters.

Trunki Penelope the Princess, Bernard the Bee are all ride on Trunki suitcases available in a wide range of colors and user-friendly features. They can be towed along and used to rest the little tot’s legs while sitting on them with ease.

The Trunkisaurus Rex Ride on and the Rox Rode on Trunki suitcases are the lightweight suitcases which children aged between 3 to 6 years can use by themselves both as a luggage bag and a ride on suitcase. The Penelope the Princess cabin and suitcase comes in royal purple with flashes of pink with the horns glittering in silver and the wheels colored in blue. Like all other models of the Trunki suitcases, this one also has a comfortable saddle which allows your toddler to rest her tired legs.

The unique features of this range of Trunki suitcases like the locking catches, secret compartments and teddy bear seat belt with smooth moving wheels, have made these suitcases most comfortable to handle while traveling short and long distances.

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