Tomy Starlight Dreamshow

Tomy Starlight Dreamshow Review

With the Tomy Starlight Dreamshow, you will have no more problems in putting your baby to sleep without having to spend much time and effort. This battery-operated device can be fixed to the baby cot straight wise to lull your baby to sleep. This dreamshow will play soothing tunes of lullabies and projects cute little images on the ceiling. The Tomy Starlight dreamshow is designed to occupy the babies’ mind and then make them relax and to go to sleep.

Designed in the shape of a plastic molded star the starlight dreamshow has several options of modes of operation. You can control it by using a switch. The unique features provide you the option to set the timing to 5 or 10 minutes. Also, you can choose between music, pictures, or both.

The dreamshow will play three gentle lullabies and project pictures of the moon, stars, clouds, and teddies to make your baby go to sleep in quick time. A plastic strap along with the starlight dreamshow will enable you to fix it with the cot. Even you can keep it freestanding on the drawer. 

Some parents have gone on to declare that their child, in fact, has gotten addicted to the dreamshow. They will not go to sleep until it is played, even if it used for only a minute or two. The teddy show has a special effect on the infants because of the cute little pictures projected on the ceiling looking like real ones to the baby. The first thing parents pack while going outside is the Tomy Starlight Dreamshow. This ensure that they do not have any problems in making their baby go to sleep.


This unique product is available in pink and yellow colors designed with rechargeable batteries. The soothing tunes combine with the cute characters on the ceiling to put to sleep the naughtiest ones. Otherwise, it would take a long time to be put to sleep.

Reports are there that even a grown-up child still finds fun in using this dreamshow which had been used since infancy. Using this gadget is like wielding magic to lull your baby to sleep and making it a night time routine. 

This great product can also make an ideal gift for both baby and parent. Because it is only the parents who know how much effort should be put to make their baby go to sleep. If your baby does not go to sleep within the first preset time, you can replay the device. But in most cases, you will not be required to replay it.

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