There is a good reason why doctors insist on children having a good night’s sleep – of course, it’s not so that mum and dad can have some quality time together. Instead, children experience constant growth when they are sleeping both, and that growth is both physical and mental grwpwth. They become stronger, wiser and brighter – and every parent wants this for their children.

If you consider yourself a good parent you should spend some time choosing the right mattress for your kid. There is no doubt that a child that is comfortable when asleep translates to a better and deeper sleep for that child. And obviously, when the child is sleeping peacefully, the family is usually a whole lot happier.

There are many types of mattresses in the market and choosing the right one can prove to be a little difficult if you are unsure of what to look for. In our comprehensive mattress review, we explore some of the best twin mattresses for a toddler, we detail the features you should be looking for, the best value for money twin mattresses, and hopefully you will have sufficient information on how to choose a mattress for your child, and be able to pick the correct mattress firmness for your child so that your kid can finally sleep soundly.

Our Top Pick of Twin Mattress

When it comes to toddlers, you can never be too careful. They need the best to grow both physically and mentally and the correct mattress is critical to that process. Our top choice of the best twin mattress for your toddler goes to the LUCID Memory Foam Mattress – Dual-Layered.LUCID gel Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress contains two layers – memory foam and gel foam – that work together to provide you with a high level of comfort as you sleep. The memory foam is for support, and the gel foam is for making sure that everything doesn’t get too hot during the night.

The mattress also contains pin code holes on the top cover to keep the circulation of air at a comfortable level. It is relatively firm to support the spine and neck of the toddler, and the price is quite reasonable.

What are the Benefits of a Twin Mattress for Toddler?

Any parent wants the best for their child. You probably know how uncomfortable an old mattress can be – you toss and turn countless times without any reprieve. Bad mattresses actually ruin your night, and you are left to go through the day grumpy. If you feel this way, then why should you want the same experience for your children?

The memory foam mattress for a toddler should support the little one’s sleep that they wake up fresh the following day ready to face the challenges with new energy.

Pediatricians are in consensus regarding the sleep requirements of the little one. Newborns require a firm surface to support their neck and spine. The choice between firm or soft mattress for toddlers matters significantly. When they become toddlers and are no longer newborns, the need something cushier. Twin double-layered mattresses provide the ideal thickness.

Another reason to choose twin mattresses for your kid is that they are pretty easy to move around – your toddler can refuse to sleep in her room, and you would not have any other option but to accept and move her bed. The mattresses can fit into the small rooms without any challenges – your child does not need a big place. And the best thing about them is that they are easy to move around. 

The twin mattresses are also cheaper and quality making them ideal for your children. Every parent is always looking to save for the rainy day, and so they would not want anything that goes too much above their budget.  A twin mattress provides them with this opportunity to make savings as they do not have to dig too deep into their pockets to acquire the best mattress for three-year-old.

The manufacturers of twin mattresses design them with toddlers in mind. That means they have all the necessary qualities ideal for drifting off into the slumbering land.

Research shows there are actually numerous reasons to buy the right mattress for your toddler. The child will benefit with optimal alertness when they sleep about 12 hours in a day – this is not possible with the wrong kind of mattress. Optimal sharpness is where the children are fully aware of their environments – in this state, they can learn a significant lot than when they are groggy and drooping throughout the day.

It is not only about the length of sleep, but also the quality. The right twin mattress will help the children sleep uninterrupted, and this has a positive effect on them.

Top 5 Best twin mattress for a toddler in 2019 reviews:

Signature Sleep Contour -Encased Coil Mattress

Signature Sleep Contour

This is one mattress that your kids will actually love sleeping on. It conforms to your child’s body curves and relieving any pressure on the pressure points. The design of this product is in such a way that it distributes all body weight adequately.

The encased coils ensure there very minimal movement so that the toddler gets to sleep deeply. And to provide optimum comfort, the mattress comes with 1.6-inch thick foam on the top bottom for stability and comfort. You can actually keep changing the mattress to achieve the desired thickness.

The mattress comes in various sizes, and you can quickly choose the right one for you.


  • Encased coils – independently – ensuring minimal movement. Research shows that the quality of sleep as important as the length. When the toddler sleeps, and there is minimal movement, then they get a high-quality sleep – they sleep deeply and get adequate rest to face the following day with a new burst of energy.
  • 6-inch thick foam on either side to ensure maximum comfort. As a matter of fact, you are free to change from one side to the next as you see fit. This is actually important as the child grows to ensure the mattress ages uniformly.
  • The mattress comes in various sizes meaning that you can actually choose the right one for you. If you want one for your kid, then the twin mattress has the necessary design to ensure optimal comfort for your child. There is also queen size, king size, and full-size mattresses.
  • The encased coils make sure there is adequate weight distribution by conforming to the body contours of your child. This ensures to relieve the pressure on your back and other pressure points.
  • The mattress comes with a breathable and soft cover that can work on multiple surfaces such as the trundle beds, platform beds, and day beds. You know how children are. One moment the mattress is new and clean and the next, it is all full of dirt and stains. It is essential that the mattress has an excellent removable and washable cover to ensure the mattress doesn’t get too dirty and unhygienic. 


  • The edge of the mattress may be too soft, and this can actually be a challenge for the toddler. Getting off it and getting needs the sides to be a bit firm.
  • In terms of comfort, the mattress is a bit too firm, and that may be a challenge for some children. In the worst case scenario, they may develop back problems. However, this may not be a big issue as such firmness may adequately support their spine and neck for comfort. 

Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Mattress

Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam

For those that are looking for a quality product – something stands above the rest; then this may be your mattress. The Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam, 6 Inch Mattress, is made from BioFoam. This is actually a good thing for those people worried about being around too many chemicals. The environmentalists will also find this product better.

However, that does not mean that it is entirely free from chemicals. Regardless, the manufacturer makes sure to use as many natural substances as possible. BioFoam is a product incorporating both organic and inorganic elements and readily conforms to the shape your child for enhanced comfort.

As a result, the product has unique cooling abilities coming from these natural products. It will also combat natural odors for a fresher night’s sleep. There is nothing as refreshing as sleeping in an environment that is cool and free of any fragrance even your own.


  • The mattress is made from BioFoam which is actually a good thing. There so many products on the market all made from harmful chemicals. This mattress is, therefore, a healthier alternative for those that are looking to avoid as best as possible the products made from hazardous substances.
  • This product has a particular kind of coolness that comes from all the natural products used in its manufacture. The unique mixture of plant oil and petroleum has a unique effect making it cool.
  • The mattress contains plant oil as among the ingredients. Plant oil actually helps combat any body odor while maintaining the coolness of your mattress. This is actually in contrast to the foam mattresses that are genuinely warm – this is not such a bad thing, but it can become uncomfortable when the nights are actually warm.

The problem with foam mattress is that they are too dense to let any air pass through. Woe unto you if you are among those suffering from night sweats as the foam mattress may make you sweat to the last drop.

You have probably heard about cooling gel on pillows and in some mattresses. Well, plant oils and petroleum in this mattress work in a similar manner by getting rid of any excess heat.

  • The several layers making this mattress play a significant role in making it quite comfortable. That first layer at the bottom is ultra-supportive form. It is responsible for maintaining the mattresses’ shape.

The second layer is actually pressure-relieving. It conforms to the shape of your body allowing for optimum comfort to enjoy your sleep. And the last segment is squishy and accommodates your body better than the second layer.

  • Every parent would love any mattress that accommodates the little night accidents that happen to children that are yet to learn anything about potty use. This mattress comes with a washable cover should you need to clean it. 


  • For some people, the support base foam is not adequate and can make the mattress uncomfortable for your child. Some people have also had some back pains after using the mattress for some time.
  • The mattress can have a little bit of a bad smell that some people may find uncomfortable. 

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Arctic Dreams Cooling Gel Mattress

Arctic Dreams Cooling Gel

If you are looking to upgrade your mattress from the old hand-me down mattress, then this is quite a good option. This three-layered mattress may provide the necessary comfort for your toddler to sleep soundly that loud laughter with friends will do very little to disturb her sleep – but don’t try this one.

The product has three separate layers working together to ensure you enjoy your sleep to the maximum. Each of these layers plays an important role in ensuring the child sleeps well as they should. The comfort layers are adequately soft for your knees and firm to support your weight.

If you ask anyone that has sleepless nights, they will tell you that heat is one factor that stands in the way of enjoying their sleep. Some foam mattresses are good at trapping heat within them leading to overheating and an uncomfortable situation.

Dream Foam created a mattress that will best combat issues of overheating among individuals. The toddler will not have to deal with issues of heat retention that may cause a host of problems like lack of oxygen and hyperventilation.


  • Comes with three layers designed to provide you with maximum comfort. The first layer at the top is super soft and responsible for pressure relief. The body of the toddler sinks perfectly into the mattress providing the necessary support to make her sleep through the night – you will actually enjoy watching her as she sleeps throughout the night.

The middle layer – Energex – is responsible for the cooling, comfort, and bounce. This intermediate layer is comparable to latex and contributes to the overall sleep of the user.

The bottom layer is the foundation and provides the necessary support for the heavy sleeper. It also compresses like the other layers albeit slightly.

  • The cooling and bounce are not too badly off, and they quickly beat the traditional mattresses. Energex is responsible for the bounce that responds to pressure as the baby sleeps. When it comes to cooling, this product does better than most. This means you get rid of sweaty nights that keep the toddler drifting in and out of sleep.
  • This product can ease pain and contribute to overall comfort by releasing pressure on the joints and muscles. It also has very little motion transfer, and so the quality of sleep will be better than most other comparable products in the market. 


  • The mattress may be too soft to offer adequate support to heavy sleepers. As the child grows, the foam may continue going deeper until it reaches an uncomfortable level.
  • The edge support of this product is very poor. If you are among those that depend on the edge for specific activities, then you are not entirely lucky. The same case applies to twin mattresses, and the toddler may risk falling if they move too close to the edge. 

LUCID Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Dual-Layered

LUCID gel Memory Foam Mattress

The majority of mattresses in the market will typically contain foam. However, this is one innovative item that comprises two materials. The first among them is memory foam, and the other is gel foam. As you are probably aware, memory foam is sensitive to pressure and temperature. It responds to your weight rapidly.

With memory foam, your comfort levels are decent. The downside of this material is that it can get too hot.

Gel enters the scene for purposes of temperature regulation. On the top layer of the mattress is where you will find gel particles. These particles require a higher rate of temperature to heat. Therefore, they ensure that temperatures do not shoot up too much.

Another thing about gel foam is that it makes the mattress more comfortable – it becomes something of a spring.

The structure of the mattress is genuinely intelligent. The first part is the foam layers and the next are the pin code holes – yes, it sounds a bit complicated, but it is not. Pincode holes are just tiny holes on the surface of the mattress that makes it breathable.


  • The mattress incorporates memory foam and gel foam for comfort and temperature regulation. Memory form provides the necessary support to have a good night sleep. On the other hand, the gel foam makes sure that everything temperature stays at a decent level.
  • On the surface of the mattress are pincode holes that help in air circulation. It makes the mattress feel comfortable, and you can say goodbye to the hot nights. Apart from the pin code holes, the surface is firm enough to support your spine and neck.

Any chiropractor will tell you that a relatively firm surface is right for your bones and better sleep. They talk about preventing joint misalignment as you sleep – that would be tragic were it to happen when enjoying your dreams.

  • This product also has a removable top cover protecting the mattress from soiling – you know these kids. The top cover has something that those in the know call nanofibers. All we can tell is that nanofibers enhance air flow, attract moisture and keep everything nice and soft – of course, your kids will love it.
  • And is the price too high? Not at all. The price range is not too bad considering all the features it comes packed in – yes we know, it’s quite surprising.
  • At 20lbs, the mattress is lightweight and can quickly move it from one room to the other – the child can wake up with a particular fear of monsters. The mattresses can easily take a weight of 400lbs – quite reasonable, and you will not need to worry about the child outgrowing the mattress.
  • The mattress will provide comfortable nights so that the toddler sleeps soundly until the following day without any challenges. They will wake up the next morning happy and ready to tackle any challenges that may come their way – this is a source of happiness for every parent. 

Home Life Euro Top Harmony Sleep Luxury Mattress

Home Life Euro Top Harmony

This mattress is comfortable as it has tempered steel coils which distribute the weight sufficiently. These springs also ensure that there is reduced motion disturbance. This leads to a better quality sleep so that you can get up with a new burst of energy ready to face any challenges that may come your way.

There is one common misconception that the best products must have a high price tag. However, that is not the case, and this mattress proves this adequately. The polyester layering and foam are other features that provide the necessary comfort.


  • Tempered steel coils that distribute the weight adequately. This feature helps relieve pressure on the pressure points. Toddlers are very active during the day, and so they need adequate amounts of sleep.
  • The pricing is one thing that may fool you, but it is quite reasonable considering what you stand to gain. Well, we can say that not all good quality products have a high price. This is one mattress you will love buying and using – no reason for you or your children to suffer anymore in silence.
  • There is also the polyester layering and foam that work together with the gauge pocket coils to provide maximum comfort. Night time is the only time that you are free to rest after a hard day at work. Therefore, the mattress should support a long and deep sleep so you can rest well and rebuild your energy.
  • If you ask any tall person, they will tell you that finding the right product accommodating their height can be an uphill task especially when it comes to mattresses. However, this product has a reasonable height to accommodate any tall member of the family – the mattress does not discriminate, literally speaking. And of course, your children will not outgrow the mattress no matter how tall they grow – quite a good thing.
  • This mattress does not have any odor like some of the mattresses you will find on the market. For example, latex and foam can sometimes have a plastic smell that can be hard to take and interrupt your sleep. 


  • You cannot flip this mattress, and so you don’t have the pleasure of changing sides after some time. Flipping slows down the aging process maintaining its bouncy and cushiony feel.
  • If you get this mattress for the kids, then you may also need a mattress protector for those unfortunate moments that kids find it hard to get up and go to the toilet. 

Types of Mattress for Toddlers

Depending on the age of your child, memory foam mattresses are one type of mattress that is good. This type allows them to find their best position while asleep. Typically, the high-density memory forms are sensitive to heat while the low-density kinds respond to pressure. There are memory foams made from natural materials like cotton and others are synthetic like latex.

There are also budget-friendly open coil mattresses. However, their durability is up for debate. Pocket coil varieties absorb the weight of the toddler and are quite long lasting. There is research evidence showing that short sleeping in children leads to a higher BMI.

A higher BMI means a higher risk of becoming obese. The ideal number of hours children should sleep is between 10, and 12 hours every day to ensure optimum development and health. The pocket coil can support a healthy sleeping habit from the toddler for a long time. 

Unfortunately, you must dig deep into your pockets for one of them.

There is also futon – a natural fiber mattress. The futon is budget-friendly, durable and does not let out any gas. Their shortcoming is their weight – they are quite heavy and would prove unwieldy when you want to transfer the toddler’s bed.

Regardless of their price which may be on the upper end, a futon can actually support better sleeping habits. This is actually good as better sleeping habits support concentration among the children. The children will perform considerably better with adequate sleep.

The latex mattresses are one healthy option you will find out there – this is actually what you need for your children. They have antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. Latex mattresses do not release any gases, but they apparently strain your budget.

Latex comes from rubber trees, and its primary function is to repel insects. It is for that reason latex is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, bed bugs, mildew, and mold – they are the best choice when it comes to children. The problem can plague other kinds of mattresses.

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, it is only 1% of people in America allergic to latex mattresses. Latex also conforms to your body shape as you sleep. This allows the release of pressure from various pressure points.

There is also a better flow of blood and temperature regulation that the children sleep soundly to their wellbeing and health.

And to top it all, twin mattresses are very breathable. If it is not so much trouble for you, you should get your children latex mattresses.

What to Look For when Buying Best Twin Mattress for Toddler

Before you can finally make that decision to buy a crib mattress, make sure that you are making the right choice. The following listed features will give you a good idea of what you need to have in a toddler bed.

The Style

There are various styles of mattresses, and each of them has their advantages to the user. It is critical children get the necessary spine and neck support for adequate growth. They also need something comfortable that will keep them from fidgeting and turning as a result of discomfort.

For infants and babies, make sure to choose something firm to support the speed of their bone development.

Some of the supportive mattresses include latex, memory foam and pocket-sprung. The latex varieties are breathable and comfortable while memory foam is body forming and dense to make sure the child is not restless. Pocket-sprung is another comfortable variety that the child will feel comfortable sleeping on.

If you are going for the spring varieties, check the sprung gauge and how high the spring count is. The more the spring counts, the more the support. And of the gauge number is low, the coils will be thicker and firmer and so will the mattress also be.

Are they Hypoallergenic or Easier to Wash?

If a toddler is allergic, she can pretty much benefit the mattresses made from synthetic materials as they are not likely to harbor mite and bacteria. However, the same effect can come from cotton, latex, silk and pure wool – these materials are hypoallergenic, naturally.

This does not, however, mean that you stay away from the pocket sprung varieties. Some of them can have hypoallergenic, antibacterial protectors which prevent undesirable symptoms.

If your child just can’t stop wetting the bed, then your choice of a bed should accommodate them. Typically, washable bed pads and protectors will do a better job of ensuring the mattress is good to accommodate them – they are still our child, whether wetting or not.

Bed Frame and Age

Mattresses vary according to age and size. Most of the time, you will see the recommended age for each mattress. In ideal situations, you should choose the one that is the best fit for your child but for the sake of making savings, choose the one with a longer lifespan – you know how fast these children grow!

It would obviously be a shame to buy the exact fit of the mattress only for you to be back in the market looking for another kind of mattress.

The Price

The best twin mattress for a toddler will apparently not come cheap. You must be ready to invest a reasonable sum in acquiring the right product that will act as the best growth companion for your child. Apparently, you cannot expect mattresses with antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties to cost like pocket change.

Quality has a price, and so you should go for the trusted brand. However, the most expensive product is not always the best. Don’t let loose all your savings on a mattress only to find you are without certain vital things – don’t spend all you have.


What is the mattress size for a toddler bed?
The most typical mattress size for a toddler is 27 by 52 inches. You can also find those that are five inches longer. If the bed has a toddler bed rail and is of the right size, then the child will sleep soundly without any problems.
What kind of mattress is best for a toddler?
It does not matter the kind of mattress you choose for your kid as long as it is firm and comfortable. Stay away from anything fluffy as it can conform to the face of the toddler and potentially smother them. However, they do not need a similar of firmness as infants – theirs should be a little firm.
Are memory foam mattresses safe for children?
As long as the material is firm to support the spine and neck of the toddler, then it will not matter whether it is memory foam or any other type. Memory form is both durable and breathable – qualities that you will find attractive.
Which style of a bed is best for a toddler?
This will depend on two main factors: the available space and preference. The best twin mattress for a toddler should complement the room. And if you have a gradually growing child, bunk beds will comfortably accommodate them.
Why should I buy a twin mattress for a toddler?
For starters, they are way cheaper than other types of mattresses. Furthermore, their design is specifically for children and is quite durable – it is not something that will disintegrate under constant use and abuse by toddlers.

The best twin mattress for toddlers will support your child’s development so that they can be healthier and smart – a good night sleep is a critical component in the physical and mental development of children.

Which is the ideal twin mattress for children?
The basic formula you need to always remember is to choose something resilient that good quality. Stick with the reputable brands known for their best twin mattress for toddlers, and you will not go wrong.

Wrapping Up

The best twin mattress should be comfortable enough to support the sleep of the toddler. The quantity, as well as the quality, should be sufficient if the toddler is to be healthy both mentally and physically. LUCID Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Dual-Layered is one product that is perfect for your child.

The mattress is breathable, comfortable and firm enough to support the back and neck of the toddler. And to top it all, it is affordable.

Best Twin Mattress for Toddler in 2019: Buying Guide and Reviews
LUCID gel Memory Foam Mattress

Product Name: LUCID Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Dual-Layered

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Price


LUCID Gel Memory Foam Mattress - Dual-Layered is a top quality mattress that your children and everyone in the household will enjoy sleeping in. It is reasonably firm and very breathable – qualities that make the mattress comfortable. With this mattress, your child will have better quality and quantity of sleep.