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What Moms Can Wear On a Baby Shower

Dressing for a baby shower can be somewhat tricky for a mom to be. The Baby shower happens in particularly the third trimester for a pregnant lady and by that time. The belly of the mother to have completely morphed like a big ball. Hence many of the dresses which a lady might want to wear on a special occasion might not look good or suit on the mother.

One has to be very careful in selecting the dress for a baby shower. However, there are some dresses which in spite of a big belly look good on a woman. You can select these dresses for a baby shower event.

Stretchable Jersey type dresses

These types of dresses can be apt for the occasion. They are stretchable and would not look odd on the pregnant women.Stretchable Jersey type dresses

They can be worn by a pregnant woman very often, and when the mother has given birth to the child. These dresses would return to normal on a single wash.

As displayed in the picture these types of dresses are made up of expandable material. You can find this in in Midi Dresses option.

Elastic Waistbands

Elastic WaistbandsThese are another type of dresses which a pregnant mother can select to be worn on Baby shower occasion. The specialty of these types of dresses is that they are not very tight. Even if a lady with a bulge in belly wears this, the belly would not be very visible and because of the elastic around, the midriff in the dress would ensure that the dress doesn’t appear to be very loose or not fit to the body.

The picture of the dress has been taken from The dress is the clear reflection of how you can look stylish in a dress even if you are like 7-8 months pregnant.

Wrap Dresses

These are another type of waistbands with a robe or a wrap around the waistline. These types of dresses are fashionable on any occasion when worn.Wrap Dresses

These look appealing on a pregnant woman as well because of the fact that the wrap or the robe around the dress can accommodate the belly of a pregnant woman without giving any awkward look.

Apart from the dresses highlighted, there can be various other types of dresses which can be worn on the Baby shower occasion by a mom including the Empire waists, Maternity Yoga Pants, Gowns of multiple types etc. Thus the options for a mom to be in contrary to the belief are not very limited and the dress if selected carefully can add to the grace of mother’s charm.

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