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Planning a Baby Shower? Here’s the Checklist

Planning a baby shower? Well, you definitely need a checklist for that. Following are some of the things you need to keep in mind before planning the best baby shower.

Deciding a date

The first thing in the baby shower checklist is to decide a date. Deciding the date is an important and concerning task as you’ll be having guests arriving from distant places. The best date to pick is on the weekends so that all the guests can plan their journey accordingly.

Choosing a location

Choosing a location is what comes next in the baby shower checklist after you’ve decided the date. The location you choose is important and it’s better to choose a location which is near to most of the guests. If you want help in choosing a location then have the list of all the famous locations.

Making a guest list

A baby shower checklist needs to have the list of the guests that are to arrive. You need to decide if it’s a women only event or couples and it’s probably best to avoid stags. Normally inviting your close relatives and a few friends is enough.

Choosing a theme

Date decided, a location chosen and guests listed. What comes next in the baby shower checklist is choosing a theme for the party. Deciding a theme is not always as easy as it seems.

You need to be careful that you don’t make it too complex and don’t make it very simple as well because a simple party is boring. You’ll find some of the most innovative and clever ideas for a baby shower here and are worth considering.

Sending the invitations

You can either be creative by making the invitations yourself

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or there’s always an easy way out that is to order them from a certain place. The best invitation cards are the ones which are easily understood and don’t forget to mention the directions of the place. Directions are pretty important as guests might be arriving from far away locations.

Planning the menu

A baby shower checklist is incomplete without a menu. A brunch or a tea party is nice if the baby shower is planned in the morning. For evening showers a light dinner can also be planned. Don’t forget to keep separate foods for children and kids.

Read our guide about healthy diet for children:

If you have chosen a theme for the baby shower then the food should reflect the theme. This will make the food more appealing to the guests. If you still can’t decide the menu then considers this. They have some really appetizing ideas.

The cake

The cake is an essential part of the baby shower checklist. It is considered the

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showstopper of the party. Take as much time you need to order the best possible cake or even better bake it yourself. Considering that you have a theme the cake should be according to that theme. All the eyes will be on the cake when it comes out so make sure to decorate it pretty.

Plan some games

Plan some light and entertaining games for the guests. The “Baby bingo” is an example. Also, make arrangements for some light music which will keep on playing in the background. When someone wins a game they will be expecting a reward in return so don’t leave your guests to reward less. Arrange some suitable gifts for your guests and try to arrange enough gifts so that everyone leaves a winner. While browsing on twitter, I found some excellent shower games idea:

Book a photographer

Memories are what you cherish for the rest of your lives. So don’t forget to capture all the memories because these are going to be the reason of your smile when you get old. Book the best photographer there is in town.

Make sure that the photographer is qualified enough to get everyone and everything there is so that you don’t miss out all those pretty little details. Don’t try to be the photographer yourself because then you’ll be missing out on so many things. Who will take the group photo then? So the best option is to book a photographer.

Go shopping

A baby shower checklist isn’t complete until you go shopping. Shopping should be done almost a week before the party. That way you can easily manage and improvise beforehand. List down all the necessary things you need to go shopping for and then head out.

You are throwing a party so don’t forget the balloons, party poppers, and gifts. Be sure to gather all the decorating stuff and keep the theme in mind.

Decorate the place

You need to decorate the place. If the location for the party is not your home then the place you choose should already be decorated as it is included in the event package of most of the places.

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If the party is at your home then you’ll have to decorate it yourself. Decorate your home according to the chosen theme. If you are still having trouble in decorating your home then consider this site. They have easy and trending ways of how to decorate your home.

Finalizing everything

The baby shower checklist is almost complete. What you need to do at this step is to go through each and everything for the final time. Check that everything is in place and that you aren’t forgetting anything.

Don’t forget to remind all the guests as people tend to forget. Check the cake, the decoration, the gifts, and the menu for the last time. Finalize everything and no more improvising after this.

Enjoy the party

People often forget this important thing. You are throwing the party and you are the best party thrower so don’t just be stuck in pleasing your guests. They can help themselves. What you need to do is enjoy the party as everybody else is doing. Do not waste the important time of your life in pleasing everyone instead, make some memories, share a laugh and enjoy.

If you still think you need more ideas on how to plan a baby shower then give this a visit here, they have a week by week guide on how to plan a baby shower.

Baby shower FAQ

Some common questions which people ask:

Is it necessary to plan a baby shower?

Ans. Well, of course, it is necessary because a baby shower is an important part of the beginning of your adult life so better to plan it than being sorry at the last moment.

Do I need to invite everyone?

Ans. No, you don’t need to invite everyone. Usually, close family members and few close friends are to be invited.

Bonus video

If you need a video guide on how to plan a baby shower then watch this:

It’s a quick and easy guide on how to plan a baby shower.


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